How Do I Get Started?

  • Browse our selection of blank hats to determine what style and color of hat you want for your customization project.
  • If you are not sure what type of cap you should choose, check out our Design Guide and Inspiration page!

    Can I Use My Own Logo?

    • Yes! If you already have a logo that you would like to use in your customization project, you can upload it through our customization tool.
    • After selecting the hats for your project, you can upload your logo or browse our library of images and fonts to add text and make your caps unique.
        • Please note: There is a standard set-up fee of $25 on orders of less than 24 hats.
        • You warrant and represent to CustomLids that Purchaser (you) are lawfully entitled to reproduce and embroider the logos, text and any trademarks used in the material ordered and has full authority to authorize CustomLids to reproduce and copy such logos and material. Purchaser shall indemnify and hold harmless CustomLids from any and all loss, cost, expense and damages of any and all manner of claims, demands, actions, and proceedings that may be instituted against CustomLids on grounds alleging that said embroidering violates any copyright or any proprietary right of any person.
        • Any order containing a trademarked logo will be refunded to the customer, with the opportunity for the customer to submit another order to include logos that are NOT TRADEMARKED. Please refer to our FAQ for additional details.

        How do I design my hats?

      • Text
        • Start with a basic structure
        • Select a font and color
        • Please note: For better results, avoid using small text on your hats (maximum of 3 lines of text on the front of your hats.)
        • Graphics/Images
          • We are currently working on adding additional graphic options to use in your customization project.
          • If you have uploaded your own image, you can make adjustments to the size and placement through our customization tool.

            Specialty Add-Ons

          • Raised Embroidery
            • Some elements in your design can be raised for a 3D effect. This works best with larger and thicker design elements.
            • Raised embroidery on text elements works best with bold, wide letters. Fine details and thin lettering will not meet our quality control standards for raised embroidery.
            • To add raised embroidery to your order, please select “Raised Lettering” under “Step 3: Other Options” on the product page.
            • Specialty Thread
              • Another feature that can highlight designs is the use of specialty threads. These do not work for everything, but they can add some enhanced features. If this is something you are interested in please add “Specialty Thread” in the comment section.
              • Here are some specialty threads we offer.
                o Glow
                o Metallic (gold, silver, copper, black and red)

                Common Issues to Avoid

                • Text size: Embroidery thread has limitations when text or details in a design are very small.
                • Small Text: For best results, text should be no smaller than 0.35” in height and should have a minimum thickness of 0.07”.
                • Front Designs: For best results, keep front embroidery text limited to 3 lines and no more than 20 characters. The max height and width for most front embroidery designs is 2.25” tall and 5.5” wide.
                • Side/Back Designs: Space is limited for side and back embroidery. For best results, keep your designs to a maximum of 1.5” tall and 2.75” wide. It is best to keep text shorter than 10 characters per line, with a maximum of 2 lines.
                • Details and Fine Lines: Fine lines and small details do not always work well with hat embroidery. Some fine lines and small details will be eliminated or made thicker to create a better product.
                • Blending/Shading: Blending and shading is accomplished by placing one thread color on top of another thread color. Subtle changes and blending are difficult to achieve with embroidery thread.
                  • The best quality embroidery is accomplished with solid lines and colors. We do not recommend blending or shading in your customization project.
                • Negative Space/Gaps/Abstract: Negative space can cause issues with embroidery designs. For best results, we recommend filling in negative space with a color that complements your design.
                • Large Solid Backgrounds: If a logo covers a large area with a solid background, it can cause distortion in the hat or fabric. If this occurs with your design, our customization team will make suggestions to get the best results with your embroidery.

                Will the colors match my uploaded design?

                • Print and embroidery thread offer similar colors, but print has a much larger range of colors and tone options. Embroidery thread works best to highlight the bolder aspects of color to help your logo or design be seen when added to a hat. You will receive an email proof of your design before production starts. This proof will show the actual thread colors that will be used. We will have you approve the design proof to ensure that it matches what you envisioned.

                  How much does it cost to create a hat?

                • Embroidery Pricing
                  • Base pricing for embroidery on any side of a hat is $9.99 per side, $7.99 for a mask. All additional embroidery options and locations are shown below. This pricing does not reflect volume discounts.
                      • Premium Upgrades
                        • Raised Embroidery - $6.00
                        • Specialty Thread - $6.00

                      Volume Discounts

                      • NOTE:  New Era products are not available for volume discounts, however, we offer free embroidery to best match the savings on this program.  Free embroidery would consist of 1 logo, text or combination thereof (a logo with text under it) per embroider-able area…with a maximum of 1 FREE PREMIUM UPGRADE per hat (either RAISED, METALLIC or GLOW).  For our blank New Era hats, this would include one logo/text/combo on the FRONT, RIGHT SIDE and the BACK of the hat.  More than 1 logo/text/graphic on the front, back or sides IS POSSIBLE, but will not be discounted.  Please contact your Design Expert with questions.
                        • 12-49 units: 50% off
                        • 50-149 units: 55% off
                        • 150-249 units: 60% off
                        • 250-349 units: 65% off
                        • 355-499 units: 70% off
                        • For orders larger than 500 units, please contact us at custom@lids.com.
                        Set Up Fee / Digitizing
                        • Each order has a SET UP FEE applied. This fee covers all areas of setting up your order, but most importantly includes digitizing your design. Digitizing is the process of converting your logo into a file format used by industrial embroidery machines.
                          • This fee is waived on orders of 24 or more hats.
                          • It is non-refundable if an order is cancelled.
                          An image of the stitch file will be emailed for approval for custom logos only.  Any design created using our DESIGN GALLERY logos and our FONTS from our site will be sent to production without a design proof being sent.
                          • NOTE: Not all artwork translates to an exact match. Some elements and detail may be removed in order to create the best overall design for embroidery.
                        • What if I have multiple logos to be digitized, will I have to pay for each logo?
                          • YES, the process to create an embroidery be used on each logo separately in order to create great embroidery designs.
                        • How long does it take to get a logo digitized?
                          • 1-2 business days.
                        • What if I already have a previous order and my logo has been digitized already? Can I get a refund on the new SET UP FEE if I am using the same logo in a re-order?
                          • Yes. The preferred file types are DST, EMB, and PXF.
                          o Once we receive your files, we will evaluate them to ensure they will meet our quality standards and your SET UP FEE may be refunded
                        • What if I already have a previous order and my logo has been digitized already? Can I get a refund on the new SET UP FEE if I am using the same logo in a re-order?
                          • Yes. If you are using a design we have previously digitized, we will refund your SET-UP FEE.
                        • Photographic or portraits
                          • Unfortunately, we are unable to embroidery portraits or detailed photographs.
                        • What if I have multiple logos to be digitized, will I have to pay for each logo?
                          Yes, we have to individually digitize each of your logos. 

                        How many hats do I have to order?

                        • The minimum order is currently 1 unit. This minimum will vary based on our current production workload. 

                          How much does shipping cost?

                          • 1-25 units: $10
                          • 25-100 units: $15
                          • 101+ units: $25
                          • For expedited shipping, there is a minimum additional shipping charge of $25, or an additional shipping charge of 10% of the order total (whichever is greater).  For example, if an order is $150, the expedite fee will be $25; or if an order is $350, the expedited fee will be $35. 

                            How long does it take to make my order?

                            • On average, from the time you approve your proof, your order should be completed and shipped within 10-15 business days from the time you approved your design proof.

                              How do I edit or change my order?

                              • If you need to change a part of your order, please contact us at custom@lids.com. If you have not approved your design proof, we can make any edits or adjustments before starting production. 
                              • Once you approve the proof electronically, an order moves into production and neither edits nor adjustments can be made to an order, nor can the order be cancelled.

                                Where is my order?

                                • Our CustomLids Design Experts is dedicated to creating your custom design and shipping your order as soon as possible. Once you submit your design, our Design Expert Team will contact you with a DESIGN PROOF in 24-48 business hours to review your design before production. Once your design has been approved and the blank hats have been secured, orders will ship in 10-15 business days.

                                  Can I create an account?

                                  • Yes, we encourage all customers to create an account. This allows you to view your order history and past designs. All past designs are saved in your account, making reorders very simple, while also avoiding digitization fees on any previously digitized logos.

                                    Can I view past orders?

                                    • Yes, if you create an account then you can view past orders. All past designs are saved in your account making re-orders very simple, while also avoiding digitization fees on any previously ordered logos.

                                      Can I customize anything on a hat?

                                      • Almost anything can be customized on a hat. Licensed or trademarked logos can only be used with proof of ownership. Lids withholds the right to refuse orders containing anything deemed inappropriate or offensive.

                                        Can I Return My Order if I don’t like the finished product?

                                        • Given that this order was designed by you and for you, all custom orders are non-refundable. All orders are inspected by our Quality Control Team before shipping to you. Lids does stand behind the quality of our product, so please contact us if you have any quality concerns.

                                          Do you accept Lids gift cards?

                                          • Yes, we accept all Lids gift cards. Please let your Custom Lids Customer Service Representative know if you have any issues apply a gift card to your order.

                                            What methods of payment are accepted?

                                            • Payment is rendered upon placing your order. All major credit cards are accepted (Mastercard, VISA, American Express, & Discover).

                                              When will I be billed?

                                              • Upon submitting your order, you will make payment at that time. Your order will move into production once your DESIGN PROOF has been accepted

                                                How do I track my order?

                                                • Our Customer Service Team will send you 4 emails throughout the process, so you know the status of your order. At the time you submit the order and pay, when your proof is ready for approval, once your order ships, and once you order delivers.

                                                  How can I cancel my order?

                                                  • Please email Custom@lids.com if you wish to cancel your order. Orders may only be cancelled if the customer has not approved the proof yet. Once the proof has been approved, the production process begins, and no changes or cancellations are allowed. The set-up fee for an order is non-refundable.

                                                    What is the return policy?

                                                    • Given that this order was designed by you and for you, all custom orders are non-refundable. All orders are inspected by our Quality Control Team before shipping to you. Lids does stand behind the quality of our product, so please contact us if you have any quality concerns.